The book "Jurisprudência do CADE Comentada", coordinated by Vicente Bagnoli and Pedro Paulo Salles Cristofaro, was published by Editora Revista dos Tribunais.

The authors published the chapter Um equívoco a lamentar: caso "ANFAPE",...

The book "Conversando com o IBRAC", coordinated by Pedro Zanotta, was published by Editora Singular.


The above case is just one example among numerous others involving anti-competitive practices. Practices that undermine all economic agents involved in the target market, from suppliers to end consumers. But who protects all those...


Report published in the newspaper Valor Econômico on 2/23/2016

"In addition to being marked by the strong devaluation of the stock market, the year of 2015 rescued a subject that put the Brazilian shareholders in another alert: the...

Published in Valor Econômico newspaper on February 3, 2010, Legislation and Taxes

The press has reported the possibility that the National Congress will vote on the so-called lobbying regulation soon, more precisely after the appre...

Published in Valor Econômico, session of Legislation and Taxes, p. E2, São Paulo September 17, 2009.

As it is known, the good functioning of the institutions of a country and its consequent and positive impact on economic developmen...


    As nations around the world seek to compete in a global marketplace, governments are considering new ways to use the tax system to incentivise business to innovate.

   Innovation is an important driver of economic growth an...


In the judgment of Special Appeal no. 1.298.670 / MS, the Superior Court of Justice ruled that succumbencial legal credits formed after request for judicial recovery are not subject to the suspensive effects provided for in article...


There is no offense to the res judicata when there is only one interpretation of the judicial title in question. This was the understanding of the Third Panel of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) in judging Petrobras appeals that...

FARINA, FERNANDA M. Q. Solutions for procedural slowness. Valor Econômico, São Paulo, June 22 and 23, 2011, Legislation and Taxes, p. 02.

Certainly the most current concern of all legal operators, especially the country's legislatu...

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The regulation of congressional lobby


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February 23, 2016

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