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OAB/DF #21.014

OAB/SP #41.823


Juris Doctor by the Law School of the University of São Paulo (1975). Post graduated in Procedural Law by the Law School of the University of São Paulo (1977).

Lawyer in São Paulo since 1975, with expertise  in antitrust law, acting before the Brazilian Competition Authority since 1987;


Author of several books and papers in the field of Antitrust and Competition Law.

Fields of Expertise: Antitrust, Economic Regulation, Consumer Law, Intelectual Property, International Commerce, Litigation and Arbitration, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Competition Law.


Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.


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Selected publications

FARINA, L.; TOLFO, R. M. M. A Misconception to Rue: "ANFAPE case". In: BAGNOLI, V; CRISTOFARO, P. P. S. (Coord.) Commented CADE Jusrisprudence. São Paulo: Thomson Reuters Brasil, 2019. pages 499-usque 15.


FARINA, L. Laércio Nilton Farina. In: ZANOTTA, P. (Coord). Talking to IBRAC. São Paulo: Singular, 2019. pages 93 usque 101.


FARINA, L.; BASTOS, A. A. R. Contracts between fuel distributors and dealer stations. The interface between Regulation and Competition in the Oil Productive Chain: Analysis of trials by CADE. São Paulo: Migalhas, 2017. pages 107 usque 120.


FARINA, L.; FARINA, F. M. Q. Judicial review of the merits of CADE's decisions. Competition Law Compendium: Border Topics. São Paulo: Migalhas, 2015. pages 353 usque 375.


FARINA, L.; GUIMARÃES, D. A. Competition Law and Consumer Protection: a Reflection on Industrial Property. IBRAC Magazine, year 21, no. 23. Revista dos Tribunais Publishing Company, 2014. pages 83 usque 98.


FARINA, L. Foreword. The New Law of CADE: The First Year in the Standpoint of the Authorities. Ribeirão Preto: Migalhas, 2013. pages 5 usque 9.


FARINA, L. Foreword. The New Law of CADE. Ribeirão Preto: Migalhas, 2012. pages 5 usque 15.


FARINA, L.; GUIMARÃES, D. A. Foreword. Competition and regulation in the supplementary health sector. São Paulo: Singular, 2010. pages 9 usque 22.


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